Thathanur and Vamandampalayam


Away from the bustling city or its pollution, meant for the one who loves their living space to be tranquil and enjoy expanses of greenery. On the way from Avinashi to Gobi Main Road on the west of Savakattupalayam at a distance of 11/2km at the junction of Thathanur Village and Vemmadampalayam village.


  • Availability of excellent transportation facilities
  • Eco-friendly Living
  • Seamless Road Network
  • Sustainable development and pollution-free ambience
  • Enhanced Security
  • The Best Housing Finance Option
  • Easy Instalment Options
  • Exceptional personal security

Floor Plan

  • Plots are available from 30'x 40' = 1200 sq. feet (2 ¾ cents). These properties are being used for both commercial & industrial purposes.


  • Each member is required to give his address with full address and details of Telephone and Mobile Phone number.
  • Size of each plot is 30' x 40' = 1200 sq. feet (2 ¾ cents) only.
  • Main Road is 30 feet in width and Branch Roads are 23 feet in width.
  • After the 40th final installment is over, that is, on the 41st month, Draw will be conducted by lots in the presence of members and plot will be allotted.
  • If any individual wishes to buy more than one plot, adjacent plots will be allotted to him by draw. For any individual buying more than 10 plots, plots up to 10 in number will be allotted in the same place adjacently.
  • Members should register the plots at their cost subject to the Government guidelines prevailing at the time.
  • Members are eligible to get copy of the agreement after payment of Rs.50/- on the 16th month.
  • Any member who has committed default in payment, continuously for 3 (three) month, will be removed from the membership.
  • Members will be allotted only the plots drawn by lots. If any member is not satisfied with the plot allotted to him, the amount paid by him will not be refunded to him under any circumstance whatever. Each member should give his consent that he would not take any legal proceedings or complaints in respect of the above condition. Only after such consent, he will be accepted as a member. Each member desirous of joining this scheme is bound by all these conditions compulsorily.